The calm and peaceful atmosphere of country home became a necessity for all of us. Of course having a country home is not so easy but that kind of furnitures and accessories can help us to breathe some country air in our city homes. Only thing we need is to want country feeling enters.

Country style is known as being honest. It's natural and away from being artificial. None of the elements used in this decoration style is prefered because of suiting to fashion, being expensive, antique or rare. Due to decorating by living, and not depending on a specific style, country homes are away from the anxiety of suiting fashion and it's formed to consist the needings of country life.


Warm and hospitable country homes are organized pretty functional. Due to owners joy of being close to earth, strong and easy cleanable materials are used on surfaces of these houses. This is inevitable if also pets share your house with you. The boundaries between country home and vast nature are uncertain. To move the odours of thousands of flowers in the garden with daylight, all windows are opened in spring. The strong relationship between country home and nature shows itself on architectural details, natural and local materials, massive hand-made wooden furnitures proper to suburbs, natural stone ground, pure-wool bed sets and curtains whole year long.


As everything, colours are natural in country homes. As bright basic colours, ostentatious flourescent colours never used in this style. Harmony of the eye carresing earth tones and soft pastel colours among pine trees and leaf greens, amusement of blues of sky and sea among wild country flowers forms the basics of country style.

Fresh country flowers are the natural accessories of country homes. Valuable Chinese porcelains, figurative statuettes, silver boxes and antique pieces are not found in country homes. Instead of these, mat baskets, hand-carved wooden pots, cone or leaf collections and local coloured craftsman works takes place.

Woods burning with crackles in fireplace, pine cones collected on autumn walks are unchanging scenes of these houses.Curtains are thick and extended to floor against winter cold.

Curtains do not include tassels or fringes and they are simple. Floor is covered with thick woolen carpets and local weavings. Sofas and chairs are covered with soft woolen blankets in winter.


Jam and marmalade jars, onion and garlic bunches, copper pots and pans are the country home kitchens important decorative accessories. Shelves and workbenches are full of fresh vegetables and fruits, pickles and jams to taste garden products four season long.

Natural colours, textured thick walls, cocos or sisal carpet, decorous floor will make warm and sincere feeling. Original colours, checkered or flower figured fabrics, lacework curtains worked with cotton fibre can be used as space integrity themes.

When warm and joyful days return, home gets rid of warm woolen clothes as the owners of house. It opens its doors and windows to fresh spring weather and removes the boundaries between nature.

Houses are furnished with handmade products. Worn out rustic furnitures prefered rather than bright polished ones. Another important feature of country home is floorings with hand-made tiles and carelessly painted rough plastered walls by the coming spring. In some suburbs, walls are ornamented with patterns and borders.