Bauhaus is the architecture and design school, founded in 1918 by designer Walter Gropius in Dessau city of Germany. The basic idea of the Bauhaus was the unity of artistic and practical tuition. This school became an important art and culture centre and defend functionality in architecture and decorative arts rather than ornamentalism.
As based on the present philosophy of "form follows function" , Bauhaus forms are simple and light, and have no applied decoration. In Bauhaus work, integration of the basics of the craft, together with design parameters, are directly combined with practical experience.
Popular materials includes tubular steel, plywood, leather, and plastic and the palette is usually limited to black, white, brown, and gray. Furniture according to Bauhaus concept, each object should fulfill its practical function, be good-looking, cheap, long-lasting and also suitable for industrial production.
Breuer's lattice chair was a good example of these properties. This chair-sculpture became one of the most famous designs from the Bauhaus in Weimar.
In time, by designing traditional chairs with new materials (as steel), and simplifying old lines, provided a completely new appearance and this furniture became a symbol of a new living style.