Feng Shui means wind and water in Chinese. It is an eastern philosophy thats subject is te relation among people and environment. Feng Shui is the art of space planning whichís age is more than 3000 years and itís goal is to create balance and harmony among nature and human being. It recalls calmness, presence and comfort for metropol people who became strange to both themselves and nature.

Related to Feng Shui; everything in nature is connected to each other, in the state of harmony, balanced, aesthetic, and as it has to be. We affect our environment and it affects us. Briefly, Feng Shui is based on a Taoist nature philosophy and gained application areas as all spaces we frequently use, bedrooms, kitchens, study rooms, offices, even including wide application areas as restaurants and gardens. From shape of a building to your beds, tables or stoves placing are the subjects of Feng Shui.

In detailed way, Feng Shui includes the Theory of Yin-Yang, Theory of Five Elements and the Theory of Yi-Jing Trigrams. Based on this philosophy the thing gives life to everything is "chi", in other words cosmic energy. Five elements forms chi; metal, fire, water, wood, earth. Itís not right to think these five elements as static physical elements. The Theory of Five Elements explains what kind of period chi follows with changing, and if itís constructive or destructive. What Feng Shui interested is this; the flow of chi or energy. Feng Shui regulates the flow of energy and keeps it ideal and ease, not too fast or too slow, and shows methods of improving positive energy.




Cristal spheres, mirrors, wind bells, mobiles, living things as plants and pets, bamboo flutes, stones, heavy objects as rock or statue, colours and electric tools(if only electromagnetic fields controlled), lamps are Feng Shuiís healer tools.

For example, cristal expresses strength. Rainbow colours appear when sun light fall down on these cristals is very important. Hanging cristal spheres to death points of your house captures and activates energy here. Meeting a wall when you go into a place makes a bad feeling. Hanging a mirror or picture on a wall makes feel wider or deeper in that space. Everybody is sensitive to sounds and wants to know if some-body enters the room when he or she is alone. Wind bells, mobiles work like warners and their sounds make people calm down. Wind bells and bamboo flutes help discovering personal energy.

Animals and plants are also very important in Feng Shui philosophy. Because they activate "chi" by their own energy. Because of water, fish has a special place in this philosophy. Itís believed that fish brings luck and wealth. We generally see aquariums or puddles in Chinese restaurants because of this reason. Again in Feng Shui, colours express presence, balance and some colours must be used in specific places. For example, purple colour expresses wealth and blessing, pink express-es solidarity relations, gray expresses giving. Generally pink colour is used in bedrooms.




  • Make your home always smell clean and nice.
  • Fresh flowers brings Yang energy to your home, but withered dead flowers changes to Yin. So, change dieing flowers absolutely with new, fresh ones.
  • When you look through you windows, if you see bad views as sharp building edges, close them with curtain or stors.
  • To let chiís flow, do not fill passing ways with furnitures. To prevent chiís escape, keep WC doors and toilet covers closed.
  • Place your desk and arm-chair to turn your back to walls. This make you prepared for surprises coming outside.
  • Hang mirror on your entrance door to reflect negative energies coming from out.
  • Chi moves very quickly through long corridors and becomes useless. To slow down chi, use wind bells in that kind of places.
  • Chi flows quickly through narrrow ways and makes strong, destructive effect. Bedrooms and offices located on the end of long corridors are affected negatively. Paint these rooms doors red if facing to west or north-west, blue if facing to south, white if facing to east or south-easth, green if facing to south-west or north-east, to fight this effect.
  • Do not place oven or furnace near tap or refrigirator. Prevent collision of fire and water elements.
  • Never place two mirrors facing one another.
  • Any kind of water form must be located on the left side of entrance door. This will improve married couples relations and make their eyes look inside, not outside.
  • Do not use libraries with open shelves in your office or study room.
  • Keep your desks front absolutely empty. A file, object or tool put here wil affect your luck negatively.