Natural Stone and Brick and Concrete

in building and decoration materials


is a heat conductor, fire resistant, sound reflector and long surviving product


concrete floor
composition of concrete
The basic components of concrete are water cement gravel sand and air
Cement acts as a primary binder to join the aggregate into a solid mass.
Water is required for the cement to hydrate and solidify.
Joseph Aspdin of England invented Portland cement by burning chalk with clay until carbon dioxide was driven off.

properties: Concrete is easy to mould,  non-combustible hard material and can be produced locally in
one large concrete monolithic structure and the quality can be adapted to the goal of the structure.

applications: concrete roof tiles, concrete floor tiles, concrete monolithic floors, support construction, and other products in concrete

natural stone

natural stone floor
from soft (lime and sandstone) to very hard (granite) and in all colours and structural appearances.

fabricators of natural stone products
locations of natural stone


brick wall
original softer and lighter than natural stone, but with glazing the most used tile product.

Applications of ceramic:  bricks, ceramic roof tiles, ceramic floor tiles,