Building materials and decorating materials

The choice of building materials and decorating materials is depending on observations, appearance, quality and price.

Most of the decorating and  building material information we receive is about the appearance, this is because we can publish a reproduction of the appearance.

Noise pollution and indoor air quality are as important but difficult to describe.

Sound waves reflection and noise pollution and indoor air pollution
sound reflection in a room odor spreading

Decorating  and  building materials from natural resources, like wood, give more home comfort but have a higher risk of aging and deteriorating. This happens  mostly in combination with water. 

Other considerations for choosing building materials are :

fire resistance

Fire needs fuel, heat and air. Smoke to is fuel. This makes fire prevention complicated and a professional advice does not harm.

Environmental ethics are appearing on the horizon.

New products make it possible to change characteristics of materials like outlook, fire resistance, water absorbance, sound reflection and desegregating. The disadvantage is that a safe clean long lasting material is often less comfortable.

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