Home automation

Home automation  is the final integration of electronics in our home

Home automation is using electronics for  remote  "manual commands "( example : open garage door from inside the car) and for automatic commands from electronic detectors  to home electrics ( the thermostat switched the heating on)

steps towards home automation:

1.manual switch >>>>electric heating

2.manual switch >>>>thermostat >>>>electric heating



home automation flowchart


Sensors can observe temperature, movement, light, sound ...

In home automations we can combine remote manual  commands, automatic commands and observation.  (over internet we change the position of the thermostat, switch on the light  and make sure that there are no intruders) 



The communication between different parts of the system consist of

1. one pair of wires for one command

2. one cable for all the command signals

3. X10 : commands are sent via the existing 110V-220V wiring in the house

4. Insteon network protocol is a new dual band (radio frequency - RF and powerline) home management network technology

5. blue tooth : wireless protocol for computers and related systems

6. connection with external devices trough phone, internet, radio or infra red  communication


The decision center is  a pc or a special device


the appliances controled by the home automation.